People have been asking me when I’m going to write about #Ferguson or Eric Garner or police brutality on my blog. The truth is, I’ve already done so. After Trayvon Martin when I wrote about the fear that George Zimmerman had and how real that fear was because of how black people are perceived by our society — that is the SAME problem we are facing today.

Here’s the other thing. I haven’t had a moment to breathe in a while. Ever since the Ferguson decision I’ve been uncomfortable sitting behind my computer screen and talking again and again about how I feel. I needed to do something. This Monday when I participated in a small protest at American University. I was not upset about the size of the protest, I was more upset about the reaction I received from AU students of all colors.

I was confronted with insensitive comments from my white classmates as well as apathy from some of my colored classmates. I was so upset and hurt that I was unable to do any academic work. But What I did do was link up with four other black women who were upset that AU hasn’t cared much for this issue, and we planned a demonstration.

The Darkening consisted of short speeches, a four and a half minute die-in and a march around campus to show solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and also to bring awareness to the racial injustice students of color at AU face every day. But even more so, in planning this demonstration we sat down with administration to state our grievances and solicit resources and aid in making the demonstration successful. We also spoke to them about a plan for next semester and for the future of AU in general in changing these perceptions of black life/opinions/movements on this campus.

I’ve been going non-stop for days now and it feels like I’ve been run over by a truck but I feel like the last thing that I can do is stop now. I am forever devoted to changing these perceptions at this University and in this country in general. I feel the support from my administrators, my fellow organizers, and my family/friends. I am also grateful to all of my new and old followers on my blog for following this developing story.

Please view and share the pictures and videos in this post to continue raising awareness for the injustices here at American University and around the country.


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